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Project Governance

Good Project Governance and Executive Sponsorship are two of the best predictors of project success as well as being significant contributors to other predictors such as scope management. Hague offer both standard and customised workshops for Executives who need to sit on Project Boards or Project Steering Committees. Talk to us about how we can help.

We offer the option of an independent project board member on your Project Board or Steering Group to help guide your project's success.  The value of independent directors on boards is widely recognised which is why they are now the norm. Independent project board/steering group members offer the same benefits so consider the value of independent advice direct to you on key projects and programmes.

Your projects may have become more formal but receiving more information is not the same thing as receiving more insight. We have seen many projects that have filled out all the templates yet have still failed. During our 16 years as strategy implementation consultants we have performed many project rescues. We considered promoting our project rescue experience but we chose to do something more useful instead – to help avoid the need for rescue.

A common factor in projects we have rescued is that project boards failed to ask key questions and hold project managers, vendors and others to account. They didn’t question the jargon, they accepted excuses for delays and non-delivery without digging deeper. No one wanted to be the one to ask the dumb question. The real problem is this: Who will say "the Emperor has no clothes".

We introduce a new service to reduce your risk and to provide project owners with a greater level of confidence. Hague is willing to say "the Emperor has no clothes" when required. To achieve this Hague will provide you with an independent Certified Management Consultant (CMC) to sit on your project board and advise you with no focus other than the success of your project. pasting


In 2014 the Project Management Institute (PMI) found that, globally, only 56% of strategic initiatives met their original goals and business intent. In 2012 McKinsey and Co found that, on average, large IT projects run 45% over budget and that 1 in 6 go so badly that they threaten the existence of the organisation. In 2013 KPMG New Zealand found that only 33% of projects in the previous year were completed on budget.

Project management methodologies and PMOs can significantly reduce project risk if the methodologies are well implemented and the PMO engages well with the business. They sometimes reduce but never eliminate the fear to speak out that plagues project meetings.

Hague can provide you with someone with extensive business and project experience who has no vested interest whatsoever and has no fear of limiting their career prospects in the organisation – someone who understands tact and sensitivity and knows when a quiet word is more effective than a siren blast. We provide you with a Certified Management Consultant to provide that external perspective. We will provide guidance, as well as an extra level of assurance to the project owner/sponsor. We will provide independent advice based on our extensive experience across sectors as diverse as health, education, transport, insurance, agribusiness, heritage and more. So what will it cost to gain this level of assurance and reduce your overall risk?

A typical example:

An initial establishment fee for 1-2 days work to develop a personal overview of the project.
A fee per meeting that reflects the frequency of meetings and the scale of the project and includes pre-reading and brief discussions with project owner before and after each meeting.

Hague Consulting Ltd is a management consulting business set up in 1998, based in Wellington but working across New Zealand. To find out more about Hague visit www.hague.co.nz and to find out more about this service visit www.thetrustedadvisor.co.nz Our engagement model complies with the Code of Conduct of IMC New Zealand – the Institute of Management Consultants by providing you with a clear and simple Consulting Brief up front setting out the services we will provide, our obligations to you and the timing and cost of services. The scope and cost of this service is under your control.

If you need a management consultant in Wellington to provide you with project assurance or to ensure that your strategy is executed successfully contact us.
For more information call us on 04 473 1875 or email enquiries@thetrustedadvisor.co.nz.

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