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Our aim is to help you see things more clearly. We gather and analyse data, documents and perspectives and provide information, insights, and options for you to consider.  We work with you and your teams to provide opportunities for learning and increase capability.  Objective research and analysis helps you make sense of complexity and provides fresh insights. How can we help you to be better informed?

Performance and productivity



Data strategy

Root Cause Analysis

Results Measures

Options Analysis

Service Improvement


We always listen to you first. We will define a brief and agree it with you before we start work. Sometimes it is helpful to understand the types of services we can perform. We outline some of our Analysis services below:

Evaluation and Review

We offer a range of evaluation and review services tailored to enhance your operations, including: 

  • Organisational review – are the right people in the right places to deliver value?
  • Services review – does your service mix match demand, are they fit for purpose? 
  • Efficiency review – where could you save money by doing things better?
  • Process improvement – the space where the biggest gains are often hidden
  • Productivity analysis - identify and prioritise areas for productivity improvement
  • Value for money analysis – identifying more effective approaches. Get more for less.
  • Options analysis - get an objective view on the range of solutions available.
  • Project review – get projects back on track and keep them delivering value.
  • Systems audit & review – do you have the right systems or do you just need to use them in better ways to get the value from them?

We can conduct a project audit to assess progress and ensure alignment with business cases, project scope, or project objectives. We can evaluate a programme or service you offer or assess the effectiveness of a pilot and provide advice on implementing new services. Our approach uses proven methodologies and tools drawn from the disciplines of research and evaluation, business excellence, IT, project management, and management consulting.  Whether you seek a brief overview or an in-depth analysis, we’re equipped to meet your needs.

Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement helps you enhance efficiency, quality, and performance. It involves identifying, analysing, and redesigning processes for better results. We can help you do it for a single function or across the organisation. There are a number of tools we can use including: 

  • Process Mapping: Creating simple maps of the sequence of steps, decisions, and interactions within a process. They give visual clarity, identify rework and ensure everyone knows how things happen across all teams. They have multiple uses including inputs to system design.
  • Cycle time analysis: Analyses the time taken for each step and movement in a process. This method highlights bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and aids in workload distribution. 
  • Root Cause Analysis: Identifies underlying causes of process issues. By addressing root causes, you can prevent recurring problems and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Data Analysis: Uses data to uncover patterns, trends, and insights in a process. Quantitative analysis aids in informed decision-making and reducing errors.
  • Value Stream Mapping: Shows you the activities that directly contribute value and those that don't. Identify waste and remove non-value-added steps for better efficiency and value for money. VSM is one of the most powerful tools we use.
  • Task Analysis: Breaks down tasks into smaller components, helps everyone understand task requirements and identify areas for simplification or automation.
  • Workflow Analysis: Examines how tasks flow between individuals or departments. It helps optimize task sequences, reducing delays and improving collaboration.
We bring knowledge of industry best practices and help you to find ways to do your work better. Hague can apply the most useful tools rapidly in specific areas. You will be able to see the results quickly and take action. We can then apply those tools more widely or we can help build continuous improvement teams inside your organisation and show you how to leverage them for strategic impact. 

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