Case Studies

Results matter. Strategy implementation is what we do and most of our business comes from clients asking us back again or recommending our services to others. We share some of those successes here. This is a small selection of the strategic consulting work we have undertaken to help implement strategy from problem and opportunity identification, through analysis and planning to delivery of outcomes.

Case Study 1 - Property Management Review

Case Study 2 - FMIS Review

Case Study 3 - Sector Data Standards Development

Case Study 4 - Transformational Change

Case Study 5 - Project Management Design & Delivery

Case Study 6 - Project Rescue

Case Study 7 - Capability Development

Case Study 8 - ERP System Review 

Case Study 9 - Efficiency and Effectiveness Review

Case Study 10 - Value Stream Mapping 

Case Study 11 - Yardi Implementation 

Case Study 12 - Strategic Review

Case Study 13 - OneWeekDelivery 

If you want to know more about any of these case studies or you donít see what you are looking for here please contact us.

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