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Strategy implementation consultants in Wellington New Zealand

Strategy is a fancy word for coming up with a long-term plan and putting it into action - Ellie Pidot 

We listen and respond to your needs and give top advice on strategy. You may need a very rapid analysis so our OneWeekDelivery of selected services for a modest fixed fee may be of interest. Our focus is objective evaluation and advice delivering results, and value for money.  We prefer to work with you to define deliverables, quality standards, timeframe and a fixed fee.  If the scale of work is uncertain we can do a fixed fee initial scoping engagement, which may take 1-3 weeks, then present options.  We can also take on longer term work but only supply effort as and when required, more cost effectively than contractors.  Here are some examples of the kind or work we do.  Check out our case studies too.

Strategy Implementation

Our key area of expertise is in helping clients execute their strategy, implement the best operating model, delivering projects and meeting goals.  We help turn strategic vision into actionable steps.  From options analysis and feasibility studies through to strategic roadmaps and business cases, we set you up to succeed. An effective strategy achieves its intended results. We help make that happen.

Operational Efficiency

We enable flexibility and innovation while retaining a focus on operational efficiency. Implementing change is important but new ways of working need to deliver value too. We optimise your business processes to work well for your company, your team and your customers.  That provides sustainable growth, affordable ongoing operations, higher productivity and value for money.  We bring experience in process improvement, service improvement and value stream management to strategic delivery. Contact us for a cost reduction review, efficiency review or value for money review.

Capability Building

Our main objective in every consulting engagement is to meet you where you are and help you move forward. We can bring objectivity to clarify the problem and solution and the experience to create an effective plan.  Ultimately, your people will need to make it operational.  We love to work with your team, foster self-sufficiency, transfer knowledge and grow your capability.    

Evaluation and Review

We offer a range of evaluation and review services tailored to enhance your operations.  We use proven methodologies and tools drawn from the disciplines of research and evaluation, business excellence, IT, project management, and management consulting.  Whether you seek a brief overview or an in-depth analysis, we’re equipped to meet your needs. 

Project Management

We provide experienced Project Managers to lead your initiatives or specific expertise for standalone project management tasks.  Whether it’s drafting and reviewing business cases, defining project scope, managing procurement, project management, programme management, enhancing project governance, or conducting post-implementation reviews, we’ve got you covered.  We can set you up to succeed with a lessons learned session at project kick off or provide a project rescue service for struggling projects. 

Change Management

We help guide your organisation seamlessly through periods of change.  Our focus is on the tangible aspects – communication, maintaining service levels, business continuity, data integrity, and benefits realisation.  We excel at aiding managers in leading change. Our proactive approach not only avoids future challenges but also uncovers shared interests and synergies. 

Service Improvement

We help build effective service improvement strategies for clients.  We work closely with you to understand the intricacies of your operations to identify constraints on service performance.  We help you build the best customer experiences, and ultimately, the realisation of your service excellence goals.  

Project Governance

Good project governance and executive sponsorship are two of the best predictors of project success. An independent Project Board member can play a pivotal role in ensuring executive alignment and visible support during periods of change.  We can provide one-off urgent advice or reviews, support for Project Board members, training and mentoring for project sponsors or provide an independent Project Board member.

Software Implementation

We plan and implement software projects to realise business benefits. Hague’s role is to plan the project from a business perspective, identify and manage risks, manage issues during the project, drive business process change, monitor and report progress and keep the project on track, plan and execute data migration, plan business change, advise on best practice, provide support to the client.  We are independent consultants experienced in implementing Yardi property accounting software, Technology One financial software, bespoke software and Microsoft and Oracle solutions as well as data marts and business intelligence solutions.


Hague's OneWeekDelivery product makes management consulting affordable and gives rapid results. We guarantee a specific deliverable within one week of your sign-off.  Typically that will involve an initial briefing, communication, either a half-day, or full-day workshop and the provision of a valuable strategic deliverable in one week for a fixed fee. This may be a rapid desk-based review, project outline, business process mapping, or Value Stream Mapping/Value Proposition/Business Model workshop. OneWeekDelivery ensures minimum disruption to your work schedule, an agreed fixed cost with no risk of cost overruns, clear definition of required outcomes, and a post engagement review. Starting this process is easy, simply email or call to have a conversation. We can also offer a similar service with a different timeframe to meet your needs.


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