What We Do

Strategy implementation consultants in Wellington New Zealand

We ask questions, listen to you and respond to your needs. We deliver rapid, high-quality analysis and provide options you can act upon. Discover the impact of our services through our detailed case studies and examples of the value we've provided for our clients.

What we do differently


Need quick intelligent analysis? Our OneWeekDelivery service offers defined deliverables within a week for a fixed fee, minimising disruptions and ensuring clear and valuable outcomes. Perfect for rapid desk-based reviews, project outlines, business process mapping, or value stream mapping/value proposition/business model workshops.

Experience backed by evidence

We provide results, approaches, case studies and referees to back up what we do. Consulting is about trust. That is why we have consultants who have been independently assessed and certified as CMCs and why we commit to the IMC Code of Professional Conduct and Complaints Procedure.

Value-based approach

We offer a fixed or capped price for specific outcomes. For uncertain scopes, we provide a fixed-fee initial scoping engagement (1-3 weeks) to present clear options. Avoiding hourly or daily rates means we are incentivised to focus on outcomes. We expect to be evaluated on the value we provide.

We help you get things done

Our focus is strategy implementation – achieving the results you need. We only provide services for which we are experienced and capable. If we can’t help, we will say so and we are happy to recommend someone more suited to advise you.  We provide a retainer service to keep implementation on track.

Our Expertise

Strategic analysis 

Identify your problems and opportunities clearly and objectively. Prioritise effectively so that your plans are realistic and your goals achievable.  Free up the resources you need to succeed.

Strategy Implementation

Transform your strategic vision into actionable steps with our expert guidance. From options analysis and feasibility studies to strategic roadmaps and business cases, we ensure your strategy achieves its intended results.

Operational Efficiency

Optimise your business processes for sustainable growth, higher productivity, and value for money. Our expertise in process improvement, service enhancement, and value stream management ensures that new ways of working deliver tangible value. Ask us about our Lost Benefit Capture approach for realising benefits from strategic investments you have already made. 

Capability Building

We empower your team to achieve operational excellence. Through knowledge transfer and capacity building, we foster self-sufficiency, enabling your people to implement and sustain improvements independently.

Evaluation and Review

Enhance your operations with our tailored evaluation services. Using proven methodologies from research, business excellence, and management consulting, we provide insights from brief overviews to in-depth analyses.

Project Management

Lead your initiatives to success with our experienced Project Managers. We cover all aspects of project management, from drafting business cases and defining project scope to managing procurement and conducting post-implementation reviews. Our project rescue service ensures struggling projects get back on track.

Service Improvement

Build effective service improvement strategies to enhance customer experiences and achieve service excellence. We identify and address constraints on service performance, working closely with you to realise your goals.

Project Governance

Ensure project success with robust governance and executive sponsorship. We offer independent Project Board members, urgent advice, and support for Project Board members, along with training and mentoring for project sponsors.

Benefits Realisation 

Our dual focus on business change and operational management and risk allows us to ensure that you realise the benefits of strategic change with real financial and operational improvements.  Ask us about Lost Benefit Capture - our unique approach for realising benefits from strategic investments you have already made.

Software Implementation

Realise business benefits through effective software implementation, including Yardi, Technology One, Microsoft, and bespoke software solutions. 

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