Why Hague?

New Zealand Strategy Consultants offering value, clarity and practical solutions

We Make Complex Things Simple

A Management Consultant should make things easier and our clients will tell you that we do exactly that. We approach strategic change practically – clarifying key strategic goals and how to achieve them. Firstly, we establish your needs and keep them in mind throughout. We use plain language in our enquiries, reports, and recommendations. We use a range of methodologies, tools, models and approaches, but what we present to you will sound like common sense. In short, we provide a recipe for success and roll up our sleeves to help make it happen.

We Offer a Fixed Price for Clear Deliverables

We prefer a value-based consulting approach. We offer a specific service or a defined set of deliverables for a fixed price. You predetermine the value of our consulting output and that is what you pay, guaranteed. If something changes, we agree jointly how to move forward and put it in writing. You buy results with no unexpected add-ons. We deliver what we promise. We also offer one week delivery from initial meeting to agreed deliverables on a specific range of services including value proposition and business model workshops, initial value stream mapping, vision workshops and scenario planning.

Our Results are Real

Every case study can be supported by a client reference. We have helped many clients break complex tasks down into manageable chunks. We have consistently delivered projects on time and budget; we have helped clients make huge budget savings; we have saved troubled projects; and we have shown organisations how their businesses really function by mapping their processes and value streams and helping design better processes. We have even made the odd mistake that we’ve taken responsibility for and resolved. What we do best is help our clients move forward in the right direction in the best way.

We Specialise in Strategy Execution

Strategy should clearly articulate how you will achieve the results you seek and that is our passion. It is as much about what you leave out as what you put into a strategic plan. We help you get the level of focus, clarity and well-directed effort to achieve your organisational outcomes. We do so in a way that ensures that your staff and customers are not forgotten. We design better operating models that deliver results so that strategic change is effective and sustainable, delivering value for money and improving value to customers. We offer top strategic advice to get the best results for you. We are New Zealand strategy consultants providing practical help and advice not jargon..

We have 4 Certified Management Consultants (CMCs) to advise you

CMC is a recognised certification in over 50 countries. A CMC offers a higher level of management consulting through a combination of solid experience, qualifications, understanding of a common body of knowledge, adherence to a professional code of conduct and oversight by national and international bodies. Clients also have access to a formal complaints procedure through IMCNZ. If you are trying to find a consultant look for a Certified Management Consultant first.

We are a Member of the All of Government (AoG) Consultancy Services Panel

Hague is a Tier 3 provider on the New Zealand AoG Consultancy Services Panel in the sub-categories of:

  • Business Change
  • Human Resources
  • Operations Management and Risk

That means Hague is prequalified to help with Business Change - feasibility, options analysis, business cases, strategic roadmaps,  project and programme planning etc. Our membership of the HR panel reflects our experience in planning and implementing HRIS systems and our ability to facilitate a wide range of workshops and help improve efficiency. The Operations Management and Risk panel covers strategic review, operational strategy, responding to risks, issues resolution, planning and analysis of complex issues.  It also reflects our ability to examine processes and improve value for money. 

If you are looking for a consultant to help you improve performance, we also do all these things for our private sector and not for profit clients.

We are part of the Yardi independent consulting network

Hague is experienced in implementation of Yardi property and accounting software, project management, business analysis, data migration, business process design, change management and related services. We are an independent consulting firm and do not receive commissions or payment from Yardi or any other software vendor but we do have the experience to ensure you receive value from your investment.

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