Case Study 1 - Property Management Review

Sector: Property 

Client Type: Non-Government Organisation (NGO) 


The client had a large property portfolio and limited resources. They sought advice on key issues and risks so they could focus on what mattered most. Key issues included space optimisation, prioritising deferred maintenance, repair vs. disposal decisions, choosing how to allocate IT spend for best effect, and how to learn lessons for future developments.

Value Delivered 

 We worked with the client’s team to provide value in the following ways:

  • Produced an accurate and complete property inventory
  • Identified and categorised risk across the portfolio
  • Recommended actions to address short, medium and long-term issues
  • Helped build consensus across the organisation on the way forward
  • Found savings from curtailing existing non-aligned work

Hague's Approach

We did desk research first, reviewed systems and processes and interviewed the team. We then did several site visits to a cross-section of property types. We helped identify and shortlist contenders. We identified the biggest management risks and how to deal with them. We helped save several million dollars per year in future maintenance and repairs. We supported staff to implement changes themselves then left them to it. 


We left the client with better systems and processes, better data, large budget savings and a better-supported team. Most importantly, we helped the client create the capability to manage their property function themselves from that point forward. 

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