Case Study 2 - FMIS Review

Sector: Public Sector

Client Type: Government Agency


The client was experiencing performance issues with its financial system, including delays and workarounds with some core business processes. The requirements included some very specific use cases. They were unsure whether to upgrade their existing system or replace it.

Value Delivered

We worked with the client’s core team and other support services to provide clarity through:

  • Structured analysis of all systems issues and grouping by category
  • Mapping of all of the issues to specific underlying causes
  • Identification of options to address both issues and future needs
  • Informed analysis based on observational research and expert opinion
  • Clear recommendations for future action
  • Thoroughly objective perspectives

Hague’s Approach

We observed use of the existing system and followed core processes through from start to end. We conducted extensive interviews across both the core team and other teams within the organisation to gather the broadest possible view of risks, issues, and requirements. We also engaged with multiple software vendors to get their perspectives and compared our observations to experience of other solutions. We also engaged with other existing clients to obtain insights into their use of related products.  


We provided a recommendation to replace the existing financial system with a strong evidence base to support that recommendation. The client went on to implement the recommendation and has since achieved a successful implementation of a new FMIS product.

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