Case Study 8 - ERP System Review

Sector: Property
Client Type: Specialist Consultancy Firm


The organisation was frustrated by its apparent inability to leverage its ERP system effectively to meet some specific management goals. It was unsure whether it could achieve its goals with its existing system or whether it needed to look at replacing it.

Value Delivered

Hague delivered value by:

  • Investigating and clearly defining the core issues
  • Researching the viability of potential solutions
  • Revealing some core underlying issues that had not been recognised
  • Identifying ways to improve performance of the existing ERP without the need for replacement

Hague’s Approach

Performance was assessed through document review, interviews, observation, data analysis, and comparison to industry benchmarks. We also applied knowledge of working with other ERP and core systems.


Report was frank and hard-hitting but was welcomed by the client. In fact, it was used as a template for change and produced a major turnaround in performance within a few months. It continues to form the basis for a sound delivery model.

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