Case study 13 - OneWeekDelivery

Client Type: Entrepreneur


The client came to us with a business idea they had developed from a longstanding passion of theirs. They wanted to realise their idea but had limited knowledge of how to do so. They sought business advice on how to get the idea off the ground.

Value Delivered

Hague Consulting helped turn the idea into a clear value proposition broken down into distinct customer groups. In doing so, we helped the client define specific products and services and how and why they would appeal to customers. This created the clarity necessary to centre a business model.

Working through the creation of the business model, the client began to see the full scope and scale of activities, partners, resources, channels and customer engagement necessary to create a viable business based on the initial idea.

Hague completed the value proposition and business model within one week.

Hague then arranged meetings with two of the most important partners in the business model to present the concept and seek feedback on what would be necessary to bring it to fruition. Those partners engaged openly and honestly in that process and identified next steps.

Hague’s Approach

Firstly, Hague Consulting facilitated a half-day workshop for the client to generate the Value Proposition. This was followed by a half-day Business Model workshop. Both the value proposition and the business model were subject to analysis, review and some polishing. The client was keen to identify enablers and obstacles to proceeding with the idea, so Hague set up meetings with two key potential partners, helped the client prepare for those meetings and assisted with presentation.


The client has a clearly articulated concept, understands the value proposition at the core of the business, has a documented business model and now knows what would be necessary to bring the idea to fruition. Partners, finance, and rights acquisition would all be part of creating a successful business from this idea. The client is now in a position to seek those elements, or to pass the work done to date on to another party.

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